Studio A  (daylight) or  Studio B  (kitchen) @$800/day         Studios A+B =$1200/day             (*based on 8hr day- OT@ $100/hr)

**Includes : 5 Broncolor Grafit packs, 7 Broncolor heads 3 profoto acute packs,  6 profoto heads, many modifiers to choose from, grip, beauty dishes, soft boxes, umbrellas, profoto ring light, grids, flooter, steamer, iron, backgrounds, plexi, c-stands, wind machine, wifi, wardrobe racks, v-flats, seamless, full length mirror, camera stand, tripod, printer, controllable AC/heat, fridge, coffee maker, elevator, water cooler, sound system, kitchen, gas oven, double sink, microwave, bathroom, tables, saw horses, power, extension chords, gels, flags, cutters, booms, 25 chairs and many tables;  most things needed for still life photo shoots,  fashion shoots, events, and more.  Video and film welcome though this is not a sound stage.