North Studio (daylight) or  South Studio  (kitchen) @$800/day     Whole Space =$1200/day    (*based on 8hr day- OT@ $100/hr)

**Includes : 6 Broncolor Grafit A3200 packs, 9 Broncolor heads 3 profoto acute packs,  6 profoto heads, many modifiers to choose from, grip, beauty dishes, soft boxes, umbrellas, profoto ring light, grids, broncolor flooter, steamer, iron, backgrounds, plexi, c-stands, wind machine, wifi, wardrobe racks, v-flats, seamless, full length mirror, camera stand, tripod, printer, controllable AC/heat, fridge, coffee maker, elevator, water cooler, sound system, kitchen, gas oven, double sink, microwave, bathroom, tables, saw horses, power, extension chords, gels, flags, cutters, booms, 25 chairs and many tables;  most things needed for still life photo shoots,  fashion shoots, events, and more.  Video and film welcome though this is not a sound stage. I help photographers get their shoot off to a good start and make sure you and your clients are comfortable and feel at home. I began as a studio manager at legendary “Madmen” era photographer David Langley Studio in 1990 and have managed John Curry Studio for 25 years. Add Nomad Photo Studio to your call sheet and let us know how we can be of help with your next project. Thanks, John Curry